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Tips om hårvård

  • DHi
  • 31-03-2020

DHI Hair Transplant Technique Without Shaving

One of the common questions asked by patients who are planning on undergoing a hair transplant surgery is whether a hair transplant can be performed without shaving the head. Hair transplant without shaving (Unshaven Hair Transplant) is actually something that people would really prefer before…

Allt du behöver veta om en hårtransplantation | Hårtransplantation

After a long time of battling with a receding hairline or balding following your mid-life crisis, you have decided to explore hair transplant as a solution. It is important for you to know a thing or two about what it entails. Hair transplantation is simply…

Biofiber Hårtransplantation

Konstgjorda hårtransplantationer skapade ett enormt intryck när det introducerades första delen på 70-talet. I den här artikeln börjar vi genom att granska de viktigaste aspekterna av en artificiell hårtransplantation och sedan ge detaljer om hur proceduren utförs.

7 Sätt En hårtransplantation kan förändra ditt liv | Se bättre ut

Hair loss affects thousands of people, both men and women alike. While hereditary hair loss is the most common cause, it can also occur from a number of other factors as well, including hormones, nutrient deficiencies or stress. Not only can the hair on the…

Hair Transplant Recovery Tips

After hair transplant surgery, the transplanted grafts will go through a few phases before meeting the desired results.After the hair transplant procedure it will take around one or more than one year to see the final outcome of hair growth.In the following section we have…

Conditions that Cause Hair Loss in Men

For individuals experiencing hair loss or are worried about losing hair, ‘the causes of hair loss’ stands out as one of the most challenging topics. For the purposes of this article, we will addressing the actual causes behind hair loss as well as shed some…

Androgenetic Alopecia Condition in Men

Androgenetic Alopecia, is the medical term for a hair loss condition, characterized by the progressive dispersal of hair loss that occurs in a highly reproducible pattern. This condition is also known as ‘male-pattern baldness’. If you would like to obtain more information on the causes…

  • FUE
  • 17-01-2020

Frequently Asked Questions About The FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is considered as one of the most popular method regarding hair transplantation in Turkey and around the world. In order to help you make a deliberate decision, we prepared a shortlist of the most frequently asked questions on the FUE hair transplant technique. Am…

  • FUE
  • 17-01-2020

The 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About FUE Hair Transplant

What do you know about hair transplantation? Many people are unfamiliar with this topic and with all of its details it sometimes may be confusing. In our article we will be answering the 4 most frequently asked questions regarding the primary things that one should…

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