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Dimitri's Experience

Hi, my name is Dimitri Chrisopher. I was born and raised in New Zealand and lived in Italy for 20 years. Now i live in New York. About 9 or 10 months ago, I had the pleasure of coming to the clinic. And I did 4000 grafts on my hair. Previously I was absolutely bald. I am 54 years old and people tell me that I look much younger. And I think that largely to do with the great job that these guys did with my hair. I am really happy with it. It was a great experience. I can almost say a life-changing experience for me.


Tali Abutbul's Experience

Hello, my name is Tali Abutbul. I had a hair transplant operation yesterday in Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic. The operation was good and I did not feel any pain. The treatment was excellent. The team was patient, kind and caring about the operation. Before and after they told me what to do. I want to say thank you to Dr. Serkan and his team.


Mark's Experience

Hello, my name is Mark. I am from St. Augustine, Florida. I came to Dr. Serkan Aygın to get my hair transplanted, as you can see. It has been a great experience so far. From day one, they have been extremely helpful… They grafted 4200 hairs from my beard and from the other of my head. And it worked out very well. It has been a great experience and they have been very helpful and strongly recommend this place. This is the number one hair transplant clinic in the world. And I'd like to thank Dr. Serkan Aygın and his team for their help.


Athir's Experience

Hello, I am from Detroit, Michigan. This is my first operation with Dr. Serkan. My friend brought me here actually. I had a very great experience, very clean, and very knowledgeable staff. You could not ask for more. Everything is very smooth, the operation is painless. I highly recommend it. 11/10 stars


Ahmed's Experience

Ahmed, coming to Turkey from Saudi Arabia to undergo a hair transplant procedure, explains his successful hair transplant experience. Sharing his story with us; our Saudi patient explains that he didn’t know which hair transplant clinic to choose in the beginning and after reading hair transplant experiences from Arab forums, he decided to have his hair transplant at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic.


Nicolas' Experience

Nicolas gave his hair transplant decision long before he came to Turkey, but he was struggling to find the courage in Italy.This is how he describes the situation “in Italia questo tipo di intervento costa troppo e i risultati non sono quelli che hai qui ad Istanbul” meaning “in Italy this type of intervention costs too much and the results are not what you have here in Istanbul” So after some search, he heard about Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic and arrived to Istanbul.


Jimmy's Experience

The good thing was that we were picked-up at the airport, brought to the clinic and brought to our hotel. We were minded like children really. My name is Jimmy. I’m from Ireland. I took a flight from Dublin to Istanbul last Thursday to visit Dr. Serkan’s Clinic. Dr. Serkan I think was very professional. He was able to tell us exactly what we needed in terms of hair restoration. He did this in a professional way and he explained exactly what was going to be done. The operation itself, well it lasted about 6 hours but I find it painless quite frankly. Indeed, I think that I even may have slept through some of it and it was done professionally. For people who are worried I would say; it’s easier than you think. You will enjoy the experience. It is really done professionally in every way. After the operation we were brought back to our hotel. We were given lot’s of tender care and were minded really well. Indeed, we were also brought on a tour in Istanbul and we went to the Istanbul Bazaar and we had a wonderful time shopping as well. All in all, I find it a great experience. I’d like to thank Dr. Serkan. I think he has helped many men in particular and indeed some women. It’s very important for we men to have a fine, well-groomed head of hair. It’s very important for their morale and their confidence and that in turn, makes them feel good and that’s good for their general health. So, I think Dr. Serkan has made many men happy in that respect and I think he should be applauded for that.


Chris' Experience

Ich kann nur sagen, ich bin sehr zufrieden. Ich bin so froh, dass ich das gemacht habe und kann euch nur empfehlen, wenn ihr die selben Probleme habt, geht und macht es. Nimmt das Geld in die Hand, überwindet euch und macht es einfach. Ihr werdet euch danach um 100 % besser fühlen.Der gesamte Service der Dr.Serkan Aygin Clinic passt von vorne bis hinten! Ihr werdet vom Flughafen abgeholt und müsst euch ab diesem Zeitpunkt um nichts mehr kümmer. Ihr kriegt auch einen Übersetzer, der sich die ganze Zeit um euch kümmert!


Nico's Experience

Ich bin mehr als zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis! Endlich habe ich wieder volles Haar und fühle mich selbstbewusst. Es lief alles nach Plan und Schmerzen hatte ich auch überhaupt kein einziges mal! Ich würde es immer wieder tun und kann es wirklich nur jedem weiterempfehlen! TDie Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic hat einen hervorragenden Job geleistet. Die Klinik ist sehr seriös und die Mitarbeiten haben sich stets gut um mich gekümmert. Ich hatte keinerlei Zweifel vor Ort! Vielen, vielen Dank!


Cavit's Experience

Besser hätt ich mir das Ergebnis nicht erträumen können! Ich hatte zuvor sehr starke Geheimratsecken und jetzt habe ich einfach wieder volles und dickes Haar. Selbst mein Friseur konnte es nicht glauben, da meine Haare so natürlich und gut aussehen. Traut euch einfach den Schritt zur Haartransplantation! Die Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic hat einen spitzen Job gemacht. Ich hatte bis zum heutigen Tag keine Schmerzen und sie haben sich wirklich sehr gut um mich gekümmert - vor und nach meiner Haartransplantation! It is really worth it, you will feel newborEs lohnt sich wirklich sehr, ihr werdet euch wie neugeboren fühlen!


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