Nicolas, 26 years old, Italian
Nicolas arrived to Istanbul in 2016 looking for to get #backtohair and just 6 months
after, the officials didn’t believe that his picture on ID does belong to him!
Where to get a hair transplantation?
Nicolas gave his hair transplant decision long before he came to Turkey, but he was
struggling to find the courage in Italy.
This is how he describes the situation “in Italia
questo tipo di intervento costa troppo e i risultati non sono quelli che hai qui ad
Istanbul” meaning “in Italy this type of intervention costs too much and the results are
not what you have here in Istanbul”
So after some search, he heard about Dr. Serkan
Aygın Clinic and arrived to Istanbul.
Hair Transplant in Istanbul:
1st day: Consultation and Operation Plan
In his first day he met Dr.Serkan Aygin and after examination he learned that he
needed 6000 grafts to cover all the bald areas in two hair transplant operations.
Two operations recommended to him because taking more than 4000 grafts from the
donor area in a single session could be harmful for his donor area and won’t be
successful at all.
First operation for the frontal part, after 6-8 months a second session for the crown
part was planned.
2nd day: Frontal Part Hair Transplant
Second day was the operation day.
After the preparing stage the FUE hair transplant operation started.
It took 5 hours and
3000 grafts was transplanted successfully to his frontal region.
3rd day: PRP
Last day of his travel started with cleaning and PRP.
Than he learned the post-op care instructions and what to do next, from the patient
care assistants.
The first step was completed and he flew back to Italy.
8 Months later…
So eight months later, Nicolas had returned and it was not easy for us to recognize
him at first sight!
He describes what changed after his first operation with one word “everything”.
Nicolas was taken from airport with our transportation services and arrived to his hotel.
Next day in the morning, after a good breakfast in the hotel, he was taken to Clinic,
for consultation and the operation.
Dr. Serkan Aygın checked his amazing result, and made his 2nd operation plan.
Of course Nicolas’ Italian speaking personal patient care assistant was with him all
the time.
The Hair Transplant procedure, took approximately 6 hours and 3200 grafts were
transplanted to the crown area.
Nicolas generally slept during the operation because
the operation wasn’t disturbing or painful.

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