Ahmed, coming to Turkey from Saudi Arabia to undergo a hair transplant procedure, explains his successful hair transplant experience.
Sharing his story with us; our Saudi patient explains that he didn't know which hair transplant clinic to choose in the beginning and after reading hair transplant experiences from Arab forums, he decided to have his hair transplant at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic.
Ahmed explains that he was feeling very uncomfortable with his hair-loss condition, which had affected the front and top areas of his head and finially decided that only a hair transplant operation would provide him the opportunity to regrain his hair.
Before coming to Turkey, Ahmed had contacted our assistants at Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic and had obtained all the detailed information regarding hair transplantation as well as his operation plan.
Our Saudi patient said that he had a continuous dialogue with our assistants, which lasted until the day he arrived toTurkey. Ahmed finally came to Turkey and paid his first visit to Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic.
On day 1, a blood test and medical examination was performed. After this process our patient met with Dr. Serkan Aygin for consultation and for his operation plan.
After evaluating his condition, Dr. Serkan Aygin told Ahmed that he would be having both the front and the top areas of his head transplanted and also the amount of grafts that would be needed for the procedure.
After Dr. Serkan Aygin told Ahmed that he would need 3800 grafts for coverage, our patient representative who had been assisting Ahmet through out the consultation session, translated what the doctor had expressed regarding his operation plan in his own language.
Ahmed had obtained all the details of his procedure upon the completion of the planning process of his hair transplant operation and started to prepare for the procedure.
After performing the blood test and making sure our patient was in good health, Ahmed was finally ready to embrace his new life!
In pursuit of having his head shaved, he is taken to the operating room. The operation starts!
After the administration of local anesthetics, the extraction process begins; taking into account the number of follicular units that has been previously determined by the doctor.
Following the donor harvesting process, the areas for transplantation that had been previously specified by Dr. Serkan Aygin are defined again and then his new hairline is designed.
The follicular grafts are ready to be transplanted!
Prior to the transplantation process, recipient sites are created and the final phase, which is transplanting the follicular grafts, begins!
Our patient had a successful hair transplant procedure.
On the first day after his procedure, Ahmed arrives to the clinic to receive PRP treatment and his postoperative hair transplant care.
Following the wound dressing treatment, he receives PRP therapy.
We invited our patient to the clinic for the washing process that has to be carried out 4 days after the procedure.
After lotion is applied on the scalp, then the head is gently washed with a mild shampoo. Our patient will be continuing to carry out the same application in the following days.
The operation is completed! Our patient is now preparing for his new image! Enjoy your new chapter in life with your new image!
One year later...Our patient is now enjoying his new life with his new hair!

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