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Dr. Serkan Aygin

Dr. Serkan Aygın frontal photo shoot with white dress

Dr. Serkan Aygin

Dr.Serkan Aygın is a member of International Society of Dermatology. Dr. Serkan Aygın, being amongst one of the first medical teams to perform hair transplantation in Turkey, has been practicing in the field of hair-loss treatments since 1996.

He received his Bachelor's Degree in Medicine at Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine (Çapa). He pursued a Master's Degree in Clinical Pharmacology at Istanbul University and completed his Dermatology Residency Training Programme at Vakıf Gureba Hospital. He worked as a Specialist Doctor in the Outpatient Clinic for Dermatology and Hair Disorders which was incorporated under Vakıf Gureba Hospital.

Dr. Serkan Aygın has always been focused on the concept of specialization and over the years, has closely followed all the developments, techniques and innovations in the field of hair transplantation. He is considered as one of the first surgeons to perform hair transplant procedures.

He is one of the leading doctors' whose contributions have had a major impact on the worldwide reputation Turkey has established in hair transplantation.

In his early years he performed hair transplant procedures using the FUT technique. He is amongst the first doctors to practice the FUE technique, a method which has been developed in the advancing years of his medical profession and is still being used worldwide.

Dr. Serkan Aygín's Recommendations
Hair Transplantation Procedure

Dr. Serkan Aygín's Recommendations

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Dr. Serkan offering medical services at his clinic, which he established under his name, has built the foundation of Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic emphasizing quality in all services provided with the aim to achieve successful operations and to make his patients feel at ease and at home. Within this period, Dr. Serkan Aygın and his medical team have performed hair transplant procedures on many patients coming from European and Arap countries and as a result of the successful outcomes of these operations, the demand has continued to rise with each passing year, transforming Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic into a clinic that offers hair transplantation services at international quality standards in Turkey. Unbiased news about Dr. Serkan Aygın and Hair Transplantation in Turkey, has been published on many reputed international television channels, printed media and online news websites. With FUE technique, Dr. Serkan Aygın has treated a large number of patients across the globe who have come through references and by evaluating the hair transplant results obtained, he has always been in the quest for making continuous improvements to the techniques practiced, the medical devices used and in process development. His quest for continuous improvement was to make his patients feel more comfortable during the hair transplant process, to speed up the healing process and to achieve a more natural look, which, in turn, led him to experiment with a number of innovative approaches during the process of developing new hair transplant methods.

Dr. Serkan Aygın also practices the DHI technique for hair transplant procedures; a method that differs from the FUE technique in the way the grafts are transplanted and he always selects the most appropriate method that is consistent with the needs of each patient.

He incorporated the application of needle-free anesthesia into hair transplant procedures with the aim to reduce the pain felt during the anesthesia process. He is the leading name who introduced the Sapphire FUE technique to Turkey in the beginning of the year 2018. Dr. Serkan Aygın continues to perform hair transplant procedures with the DHI technique and Sapphire FUE technique; a new method which he has recently adopted. Having a highly respected international reputation, Dr. Serkan Aygın regularly attends international conferences, meetings as well as symposiums. He gives lectures on the recent developments in hair transplantation and shares his experiences with the participants invited. During his visits to foreign countries, he also comes together with his former patients and keeps track of their hair transplant results.

Alongside with his medical profession, Dr. Serkan Aygın also has a passion for art. He collects unique and valuable art-pieces and enjoys to display some of his artwork within the clinic The clinic also attracts the attention of patients coming from abroad, with its aesthetical, modern and refreshing environment and through the artwork that incorporates ways of creating a spiritual atmosphere.

Our Mission

Providing solution-oriented hair transplant procedures with our specialist doctors experts in their fields, treating all of our patients with honest, trustworthy, ethical, and equal service of the highest quality, meeting all the required national and international standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide hair transplant procedures meeting all the required national and international standards.

Paris - “European Awards in Medicine - Hair Transplant Surgery” Award

The ‘21st Century European Awards in Medicine’, one of Europe’s most important organizations in the field of medicine, found their owners. At the event on December 4th in Paris, the ‘European Award in Medicine’ in the field of ‘Hair Transplant Surgery’ was awarded to our founder Dr. Serkan Aygın. Providing hair transplantation services of international quality standards in Turkey, Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic crowned its success in the field of health once again with this award in Europe.


Dr. Serkan Aygın in the World

Spain - Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic Receives the 8th LA RAZÓN Tourism Award

At the Tourism Awards 2019 organised by the VD Viajes supplement of the Spanish Newspaper La Razon, Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic from Turkey was granted the award for Best Medical Tourism Facility. Mrs. Melda Aygin accepted the award on behalf of her husband Dr. Serkan Aygın. Ara Travel; representing Dr. Serkan Aygın in Spain as they carry out all the organizational events of Dr. Serkan Aygın throughout the country and Dr. Perez, who assists in the post-operative follow-ups of all spanish patients who have undergone hair transplantation at Dr. Serkan Aygın clinic, ensuring that all patients receive the best postoperative services has also provided significant contributions in receiving this award. Apart from the high satisfaction rates of spanish patients who have been visiting our country for many long years, other factors such as the increasing popularity of hair transplantation in Spain owing to the great results obtained and attracting the attention of the Spanish media; the increased media coverage dedicated to Dr. Serkan Aygın with writers publishing their own hair transplant success stories, has also greatly influenced our chances of winning this award. https://www.larazon.es/atusalud/turquia-la-mejor-sede-para-el-trasplante-capilar-EP21956772/https://www.larazon.es/viajes/aratravel-clinica-serkan-la-salud-como-excusa-para-viajar-a-estambul-HD24143646/

Necklaces for Kindness with Ayşe Arman - 2019

Ayşe Arman visited Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic and Doku Medical Center as part of her project “a feminine touch through kindness”. The main purpose of this visit was to draw attention to our medical center that adds beauty to the business life with a feminine touch and to show how the presence of women in the working environment evoke kindness and beauty. Ayşe Arman also shared a short interview she had with Dr. Serkan Aygın upon the innovations taking place in hair transplantation on her social media account.

She also remarked upon the fact that why people travelling from around 150 countries to Turkey for hair transplantation preferred us and the significant impact made and support given by women in achieving this.

Eventually, taking part in a project that aims to help increase women's labour force participation and employment rates in Turkey serves as an important reference for us. We are also supporting the emergency hotline; @acilyardımhattı “emergency hotline for every woman” initiative, which has been brought into being by the President of Turkey Women’s Associations Federation (TKDF).

Esquire-Espagne 2019

Álvaro Luengo, one of the Spanish editors of the world's most famous magazine Esquire, wrote a journal on his hair transplant experience which was carried out in our clinic.

He published his journal on Esquire's digital platform and continues to update his content as he observes the different stages of his hair growth.

Reaching to tens of thousands of readers within a short period of time, the journal has become Spain's most read article written on hair transplantation.

To read the article please refer to the following link: https://www.esquire.com/es/injerto-capilar-turquia-caso-real-evolucion-fotos/


Dr. Serkan: The Boss - 2019

An enjoyable commercial made for Dr. Serkan Aygın. Our office staff in Spain, our clinic and Doctor Serkan Aygın explained the pre-operative process in this video. The video starts with our friend Ferdinando who wants to get a hair transplant doing some research on this in a bar.

Later, after calling our office, our patient guide is giving Ferdinando his first information. Afterward, Ferdinando, who came to meet with Mr. Marcello, who is responsible for our Spain office, is informed about the operation process.

Next, he gets on a plane to Turkey and meets with Antonio, one of our Turkey representatives. Coming to our clinic in Turkey a hair transplant plan is made with Dr. Serkan Aygın Our video then ends.

Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic - The Life Of Others Program, Janna Badoevaya - Channel 1, Russia

Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic continues to develop with every passing day. Patients from all over the world can come and get their hair transplants done here with ease.

Because of this awareness in 2019 the team from one of Russia's most popular television shows "The Life of Others" came for a visit and did some taping. They saw the hair transplantation process step by step in real-time and interviewed some patients The shows producer and Ukraine's famous host Janna Badoevaya said "Istanbuş is an incredible city! This isn't my first time here but I get even more impressed every time I come here".

During the tapings, an interview with one of Dr. Serkan Aygın's patients who got a hair transplant a year ago was conducted. After the interview with Diego, we realized that a hair transplant is a very small detail that has a big effect on our lives. Diego said that after his transplant his life changed for the better and that he is very happy.

He recommended the procedure to everyone and said "I finally have hair that will last forever". Dr. Serkan Aygın stated that a hair transplant is a comfortable, non-surgical procedure that can be done with ease.

Italy's most important news channel RAI 3 is at Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic

Italy's most important news channel RAI 3 visited our clinic to report on hair transplantation in Turkey. During the interview with Dr. Serkan Aygın they aske why Turkey is preferred when it comes to hair transplantation. Dr. Serkan Aygın talked about how Turkey is very advanced in medicine, including hair transplantations, with these words: "For over 20 years my team and I have been working on only hair transplants and hair treatments. Therefore it is normal for us to be expected to acheive the best results in the world." RAI 3 reporters also observed a patients hair transplant procedure and did some filming. The patients' entire hair transplant process and feelings were featured in the show.

Lavanguardia - Spain 2018

The fact that Dr. Serkan Aygın has been performing hair transplantation to patients from Spain for many years continues to attract the attention of the media. An article published by Spain’s avant-garde newspaper La Vanguardia, has given coverage to Dr. Serkan Aygın and his increasing success rate within the field of hair transplantation. Additionally they have noted that the number of people travelling to Turkey from Spain to undergo hair transplantation and receive alternative treatments was increasing with each passing day.

The newspaper story also reported that Dr. Serkan Aygin scheduled visits to Spain 3-4 times a year to attend conferences and through these visits he also kept track of how the post-operative recovery process of his former patients were progressing. The news article reveals how important Dr. Serkan Aygin is for Spain. The news article reveals how important Dr. Serkan Aygin is for Spain. https://www.lavanguardia.com/dr-aygin-trasplante-capilar


Quinta Colonna Show - Italy 2016

Dr. Serkan Aygın has also been invited to Italy's most popular tv show; Quinta Collonna. Dr. Serkan Aygın traveled from Turkey to attend to the tv programme, which was broadcast live. During the show, patients who had hair transplantation at Dr. Serkan Aygın Clinic also expressed their thoughts. Although the Italian producers appeared to be unbiased, to some extent they held some prejudiced beliefs about Turkey. However, after hearing the the experiences and expressions of the Italian patients, they had the opportunity to re-frame their point of view. One patient who had undergone a hair transplant procedure, indicated that after spending thousands of euros for an Italian doctor, he had met Dr. Serkan Aygın; his Savior.

This, changed the course of the tv show in an instant.As the patient explained that after having a bad hair transplant operation in Italy he had come to Dr. Serkan Aygin to have his previous surgery corrected, which left him with new and beautiful hair, he then emphasized that Dr. Serkan was his lifesaver. This expression was the turning point, the most memorable part and outstanding feature of the tv show.

İene - La Vacanza Dei Capelli - Italy 2015

The fact that Dr. Serkan Aygın has been performing hair transplantation to patients from Spain for many years continues to attract the attention of the media. An article published by Spain’s avant-garde newspaper La Vanguardia, has given coverage to Dr. Serkan Aygın and his increasing success rate within the field of hair transplantation.

Additionally they have noted that the number of people travelling to Turkey from Spain to undergo hair transplantation and receive alternative treatments was increasing with each passing day. The newspaper story also reported that Dr. Serkan Aygın scheduled visits to Spain 3-4 times a year to attend conferences and through these visits he also kept track of how the post-operative recovery process of his former patients were progressing. The news article reveals how important Dr. Serkan Aygın is for Spain.

Starlite Gala - Spain 2016

Dr. Serkan Aygın was the 'guest of honour' at Starlite Gala 2016. During the event, Antonio Banderas, who hosted the special occasion, met with Dr. Serkan Aygın and during their conversation, Mr. Banderas inquired about hair transplantation for his friend and Dr. Serkan shared his thoughts and provided information on the new applications as well as technologies taking place in the field of hair transplantation.

By receiving a special award at the Gala, which is considered one of the most important organizations in Spain, Dr. Serkan Aygın has once again represented Turkey in the field of hair transplantation.

Our Clinic


As Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, the 7 qualities we incorporate into our practices and services are;

  • Since 1996, Dr. Serkan Aygin has only been performing hair transplant procedures and offering hair treatments.
  • Hair transplant operations are performed in Turkey's most prestigious hospital, which is also ranked as one the best in the world.
  • We offer counselling services and a resting area before and after the operation, with the intention of providing our Patients with a comfortable experience.
  • All medical devices utilized in hair transplantation and other treatments, are single-use.
  • Our basic policy; Applying no additional cost other than the initial quote stated during the operation planning phase of our patients.
  • All patients who have undergone an operation are granted a certificate of warranty.
  • Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic schedules visits to the countries of their former patients on a regular basis so as to keep track on how their post-operative recovery process is progressing.
  • With all of these attributes, Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic aims to provide care and reassurance for their patients. We believe in the philosophy; 'The experience of one patient is the experience of all of our patients'.


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    Yuval cohen

    Im very pleased! The clinic is like an oiled big machine. Everything is working....thank you all the staff, spaeshely Jessie and Benny.

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    The operation was perfect, all the staff were professionals especial Dr sarkan also the clinic representative person at the hotel(Samir)were really s

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    Antonie Brooks

    Amazing place with amazing staff. They couldnt have been more helpful and professional, but also really friendly and sweet.

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    Steve Maile

    Amazing...completely 5 star treatment from start to finish .THANKYOU Dr Serkan & all the amazing staff & medical team .Who did an excellent job & real

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    Ilan Mahdi

    After my experience with DR serkan I can said trust with closing eyes clean ,professional ,patient ,they are working so hard to make their Patients ha

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    Dr. Serkan Aygın in the World

    Some of the seminars,
    conferences and events

    14 December 2019 Spain Conference
    4 December 2019 Paris European Medicine Awards
    26-27 September 2019 Rome Conference
    20 September Bologna, Italy Conference
    6 September 2019 Italy, Venice Conference
    26 April 2019 Italy, Rome Conference
    22 February 2019 Kuwait Conference
    15 Febuary 2019 Spain La Razon 8th Medical Tourism Awards
    12 January 2019 Bahrein Conference
    30 November 2018 Spain, Sevilla Conference
    17 June 2018 Sao Paulo, Brasil Conference
    5 May 2018 Bucarest, Romenia Conference
    24 March 2018 Naples, Italy Conference
    24 February 2018 Milan, Italy Conference
    11 November 2017 Oviedo, Spain Conference
    3 September 2017 Rome, Italy conference
    2 September 2017 Naples, Italy conference
    25-27 May 2017 Milan, Medical Tourism Exhibition, Italy
    3 May 2017 Most Successful Hair Transplant Doctor Award, Unimpeded Life Foundation, Istanbul
    18 March 2017 Beirut, Lebanon conference
    23 October 2016 Lecce, Italy conference
    22 October 2016 Bari, Italy conference
    21 October 2016 Palermo, Italy conference
    17 October 2016 Premios Escaparate, Special Guest Dr. Serkan Aygın, Sevilla, Spain
    11 September 2016 Naples, Italy conference
    10 September 2016 Palermo, Italy conference
    9 September 2016 Civitanova Marche, Italy conference
    6 August 2016 Starlite Gala, Special Guest, Marbella, Spain
    5 June 2016 Clinica Coec, Barcelona, Spain conference
    4 June 2016 Colegio de Medicos, Madrid, Spain conference
    22 May 2016 El Cajon, California, USA, Video conference
    7 May 2016 Lozan, Switzerland conference
    20 March 2016 Rome, Italy conference
    19 March 2016 Naples, Italy conference
    30 January 2016 Sevilla, Spain conference
    29 January 2016 Madrid, Spain conference
    27 September 2015 Naples, Italy conference
    26 September 2015 Rome, Italy conference
    19 April 2015 Sevilla, Spain conference
    18 April 2015 Naples, Italy conference
    17 April 2015 Milan, Italy conference
    12 April 2015 Naples, Italy conference
    11 April 2015 Sicily, Italy conference
    10 April 2015 Sevilla, Spain conference
    22-25 January 2015 EMİTT, TUYAP Fair and Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Turkey
    5 October 2014 Lubyana, Slovenia conference
    4 October 2014 Venice, Italy conference
    3 October 2014 Milan, Italy conference
    3 May 2014 Erbil, Iraq conference
    22 March 2014 Kuwait conference
    1 March 2014 Bahrain conference
    11 January 2014 Dubai, United Arab Emirates conference
    14 December 2013 Doha, Qatar conference
    8 November 2013 Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia conference

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