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Before Hair Transplant Operation

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Before Hair Transplant Operation

PRE Operational Instructions

Before hair transplantation, please let us know about your medical issues and medications you use.

If you have any health problems, please get a consultation from your doctor about your planned hair transplantation operation.

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After you get approval from your primary doctor, stop using Aspirin or any other drugs that might thin your blood three days before hair transplantation.

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One Day before operation

Avoid alcohol: Using alcohol may affect the efficiency of local anesthetics that doctor gives you before the operation. Avoid smoking: Smoking decreases blood flow to the scalp.

At least one day before and one week after your surgery we recommend you to avoid smoking; because smoking might cause blood vessel constriction & weak growth of your transplanted hair.

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Procedure Day

What to wear during operation?

We recommend you to wear a buttoned shirt or a very wide collar T-Shirt.

You should avoid any touch to grafts after the operation.

The procedure takes nearly 6 hours according to the number of grafts you are receiving.

We recommend you to dress comfortable when coming for hair transplantation.

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How to prepare for hair transplant surgery?

Take a shower and take care of your personal hygiene. Come to operation with a full stomach. Rest well before coming to hair transplantation procedure.

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During Hair Transplant Operation

No companion is allowed in the operation room.

We will host your companions in our waiting room. Do not chew gum and avoid talking too much during the operation. Avoid using your personal cell phones during the operation.

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Before and After Photos

You can instantly see the Before & After photos right after you fill out the form. You will receive an automatic message via phone or e-mail.